Tux Attack!

Posted in Games on June 13, 2008 by Burnt Effigy

Tux Tux Attack!Attack! was the second game I made. You play as the Linux Mascot, Tux, as he stands there and shoots at oncoming Smallsoft attackers. (I used Smallsoft instead of Microsoft because I was afraid of violating some sort of copyright law at the time. It all just seems so silly to me now.) Anyway, the game is terrible. I never got the collisions to work correctly, so I don’t think you can ever actually die. The Smallsoft enemies don’t even walk, they just kinda hover above the ground. Oh well, it was a good attempt. The only plus is that the graphics are fairly decent. (I am quite proud of that penguin and AK-47)

And for all of you who actually want to play the game (just skip it, it is that bad), here is a download link.

Download – Will open in a new window.

At the time of making this, I thought the penguin was so cool that I would make a sequel just to have an excuse to reuse it. I made new enemy sprites, gun sprites, and an updated penguin for it, then didn’t do anything with the game after that. This sequel would have more than one level, the ability to *gasp* walk around and jump, more enemies and weapons, and well, it would have been so much cooler. I got bored with it, and it took a backseat. Tux Attack! 2, as it would have been called, was never brought back. Instead, came A Tux Christmas which was way cooler than any Tux Attack! 2 could have been.