Vector Wars Update 1

So, after a break of several months of work on this game, I finally decided to pick it up and start working on it again.  Within a week, I knocked quite a bit of things off of my to do list.

These things are:

  • Mouse aiming – I had wanted to add this to the keyboard controls, so that the person using the gamepad wouldn’t have an unfair aiming advantage.  It works quite well.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make it refresh more in time with the rest of the game, so there is some visual lag that happens.
  • A menu that doesn’t require thousands of objects/rooms – This should hopefully lead to faster loading times, and faster development of the game, because, let me just say, the menu generally requires quite a bit of objects/rooms, but by making it all one object and one room, it makes things way easier.  Anyways, it meets/exceeds the expectations that I had for it.

I don’t have any pictures of it or anything like that.  The visuals are still fairly crude at the moment.


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