Vector Wars

Well, I think it is abouVector Wars Logot time I post some information about my current project.  Anyways, Vector Wars is a top down shooter that I am working on.  Everything in it will be drawn using things like draw_rectangle, or draw_line, and I won’t get away with using draw_sprite either.  It shall have multiplayer support, and also support playing using xbox 360 controllers.  Anyways, the game play is going along well, there are some tweaks that have to be done, like make it so I don’t need a different object for keyboard, joystick 1, and joystick 2.  Then comes the implementation of the A.I.  which I am not looking forward to.  Anyways, this won’t be crappy A.I. though.  They will seek you out, and they will be capable of killing you.  No moving back and forth between two objects type of A.I.

There aren’t any planned game modes as of yet, although some sort of deathmatch will be inevitable.  Although if I can get some good A.I. I might make some sort of Team Fortress or Star Wars Battlefrontish capture the bases while defending your own type of mode.

Levels will be made by me, and me only, unless I can figure out how to make a level creation system.  That will probably be something that comes in a later version.

Anyways, these are all the details that I am willing to spill right now.  Check back later for possibly more information and most likely some cool images.


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