FireworksFireworks! would be my third game, if you could call it a game. It really is more of a visual effects system. It came out of an attempt to use Game Maker unregistered to create a particle system (Yes, I am too cheap for the 20 bucks to buy the full Game Maker program). I found out that it is possible, while also being efficient. Several thousand fireworks particles couldn’t slow the Pentium III in my old computer that much. This game received a bunch of complaints about size, which was unfortunate. However, this is also because I was trying to make it for a Game Maker compilation project called Widjet. One of the rules of the Widjet project was that the whole thing had to fit in 100 x 100 pixels, and so 100 x 100 pixels it was (I wonder what ever happened to the Widjet project anyway?).

The game actually featured two different modes of play. There is a watch feature, where the user can just click watch, and the program will then randomly generate different fireworks, just so that the user could have some desktop eye candy that they didn’t have to interact with. A play mode was also included, so that the user could play around with all the different fireworks themselves, so if they only wanted to see red ones, or they didn’t like green ones, they could see what they wanted to see.

Anyways, here is the download link.

Download -Opens in new window


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