Fireworks! 2

FireworksFireworks! 2 Logo! 2 was made to address all of the problems that people had with the original Fireworks! program.  I added something like 10 fireworks or something like that.  I also tweaked some settings to make the whole thing look more visually attractive.  It was also bigger.  I think I went up to 300 x 300, or something like that.  I wanted to add a campaign thing too, where the person would have x numbers of dollars which they would have to use to buy y fireworks, in order to keep the satisfaction of the crowd at z.  Anyways, I ran into trouble with keeping track of which firework was which, and I needed a better selection system.  I never finished the campaign mode, but never removed the button from the menu either.  I think that the only other real change that I made was to change the watch mode to a screensaver mode.  When clicked, the game enters fullscreen, and begins launching fireworks.  Any sort of user interaction, mouse movement, mouse click, key press, etc. would then bring it out of fullscreen and back to the menu.

I would say that if you are going to check out one of the Fireworks! games, you should check out this one.  And so then here is the download link so no one has to sit there and wonder how to possibly obtain the graphical goodness of it.

Download – (Opens in new window)


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