A Tux Christmas

I made thiA Tux Christmas logos game for a winter themed contest run by YoYo Games, the company behind Game Maker. Well, anyways, it was done all in pixel art, except the backgrounds. Pixeling a background would have driven me insane. It did bring Tux back, although he wasn’t fighting against Smallsoft anymore, but a much more powerful enemy, Santa and his elves.  It looked visually attractive, or at least more visually attractive than anything else I had done before.  It also was the biggest thing I have done, and taught me that collisions in platform games are super hard to get right.  Some of the finishing touches on it are sloppy, partially because they were put in at about 4 am in a rush to get the thing finished on time.  It was my first game with a real story, although unfortunately, the inserting of that story was one of those 4 am jobs.  Anyway, I finished it, submitted it, and well, didn’t win anything.  Oh well.

So, for all of you who wish to embark on a quest to destroy Santa and his elves, here is the download link.

Download – (Opens in new window)


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