A New Project

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Due to issues with Vector Wars, I kinda dropped it.  To make a long story short, it was horribly programmed, and any attempts to rewrite the engine in order to add what I wanted would have taken too long, so I gave up.  So now I have started something new.  I am trying to get most of the images for the game done first, and then will program later.  So here is a teaser image, which I shall let you, the reader, try and figure out what I am going to do with it.



Some Experimenting

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So, while in the process of working on Vector Wars, I decided to see if I could make the vector graphics scalable.  Anyways, I decided to test it out, and well, it worked fine.  I uploaded my experiment so anyone interested can see it.  If you wish to have the source, just contact me or something like that.


Vector Wars Update 1

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So, after a break of several months of work on this game, I finally decided to pick it up and start working on it again.  Within a week, I knocked quite a bit of things off of my to do list.

These things are:

  • Mouse aiming – I had wanted to add this to the keyboard controls, so that the person using the gamepad wouldn’t have an unfair aiming advantage.  It works quite well.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make it refresh more in time with the rest of the game, so there is some visual lag that happens.
  • A menu that doesn’t require thousands of objects/rooms – This should hopefully lead to faster loading times, and faster development of the game, because, let me just say, the menu generally requires quite a bit of objects/rooms, but by making it all one object and one room, it makes things way easier.  Anyways, it meets/exceeds the expectations that I had for it.

I don’t have any pictures of it or anything like that.  The visuals are still fairly crude at the moment.

Vector Wars

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Well, I think it is abouVector Wars Logot time I post some information about my current project.  Anyways, Vector Wars is a top down shooter that I am working on.  Everything in it will be drawn using things like draw_rectangle, or draw_line, and I won’t get away with using draw_sprite either.  It shall have multiplayer support, and also support playing using xbox 360 controllers.  Anyways, the game play is going along well, there are some tweaks that have to be done, like make it so I don’t need a different object for keyboard, joystick 1, and joystick 2.  Then comes the implementation of the A.I.  which I am not looking forward to.  Anyways, this won’t be crappy A.I. though.  They will seek you out, and they will be capable of killing you.  No moving back and forth between two objects type of A.I.

There aren’t any planned game modes as of yet, although some sort of deathmatch will be inevitable.  Although if I can get some good A.I. I might make some sort of Team Fortress or Star Wars Battlefrontish capture the bases while defending your own type of mode.

Levels will be made by me, and me only, unless I can figure out how to make a level creation system.  That will probably be something that comes in a later version.

Anyways, these are all the details that I am willing to spill right now.  Check back later for possibly more information and most likely some cool images.

A Tux Christmas

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I made thiA Tux Christmas logos game for a winter themed contest run by YoYo Games, the company behind Game Maker. Well, anyways, it was done all in pixel art, except the backgrounds. Pixeling a background would have driven me insane. It did bring Tux back, although he wasn’t fighting against Smallsoft anymore, but a much more powerful enemy, Santa and his elves.  It looked visually attractive, or at least more visually attractive than anything else I had done before.  It also was the biggest thing I have done, and taught me that collisions in platform games are super hard to get right.  Some of the finishing touches on it are sloppy, partially because they were put in at about 4 am in a rush to get the thing finished on time.  It was my first game with a real story, although unfortunately, the inserting of that story was one of those 4 am jobs.  Anyway, I finished it, submitted it, and well, didn’t win anything.  Oh well.

So, for all of you who wish to embark on a quest to destroy Santa and his elves, here is the download link.

Download – (Opens in new window)

Fireworks! 2

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FireworksFireworks! 2 Logo! 2 was made to address all of the problems that people had with the original Fireworks! program.  I added something like 10 fireworks or something like that.  I also tweaked some settings to make the whole thing look more visually attractive.  It was also bigger.  I think I went up to 300 x 300, or something like that.  I wanted to add a campaign thing too, where the person would have x numbers of dollars which they would have to use to buy y fireworks, in order to keep the satisfaction of the crowd at z.  Anyways, I ran into trouble with keeping track of which firework was which, and I needed a better selection system.  I never finished the campaign mode, but never removed the button from the menu either.  I think that the only other real change that I made was to change the watch mode to a screensaver mode.  When clicked, the game enters fullscreen, and begins launching fireworks.  Any sort of user interaction, mouse movement, mouse click, key press, etc. would then bring it out of fullscreen and back to the menu.

I would say that if you are going to check out one of the Fireworks! games, you should check out this one.  And so then here is the download link so no one has to sit there and wonder how to possibly obtain the graphical goodness of it.

Download – (Opens in new window)


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FireworksFireworks! would be my third game, if you could call it a game. It really is more of a visual effects system. It came out of an attempt to use Game Maker unregistered to create a particle system (Yes, I am too cheap for the 20 bucks to buy the full Game Maker program). I found out that it is possible, while also being efficient. Several thousand fireworks particles couldn’t slow the Pentium III in my old computer that much. This game received a bunch of complaints about size, which was unfortunate. However, this is also because I was trying to make it for a Game Maker compilation project called Widjet. One of the rules of the Widjet project was that the whole thing had to fit in 100 x 100 pixels, and so 100 x 100 pixels it was (I wonder what ever happened to the Widjet project anyway?).

The game actually featured two different modes of play. There is a watch feature, where the user can just click watch, and the program will then randomly generate different fireworks, just so that the user could have some desktop eye candy that they didn’t have to interact with. A play mode was also included, so that the user could play around with all the different fireworks themselves, so if they only wanted to see red ones, or they didn’t like green ones, they could see what they wanted to see.

Anyways, here is the download link.

Download -Opens in new window